Live Streaming

Events, Sports games, Funerals and Weddings

The ever-changing environment that we live in requires people to interact with events in different ways. Live streaming enables you to showcase your event to a public or private audience so that they can experience your event from the safety of their own environment. This is a little bit different then the live stream available through most of your applications on your phone. The main differences are

  • Stream to multiple plateforms at once.
  • Stream to Multiple Pages at once.
  • Have commentry added to the recordings.
  • Use of Optical Zoom on cameras.
Live Stream Setup
Example of Sports Live Streaming

(Disclaimer – Livestreaming relies on mobile networks to conduct the stream. We use the Optus network and as will all networks when there is high usage the network slows down and can affect the quality of the stream. The Mobile Network has specifically been disrupted during Covid lockdowns where the demand on Mobile and Internet Networks is heavily increased. In many areas across Australia, mobile signals are experiencing severe disruptions to their networks and the phones are not coping with the extra level of effort required in order to hold a secure mobile connection.)